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It's a holiDAY not holiDAYS

Leran how to healthfully approach the holiday season with a plan in place so that when January 1st comes you don't feel like you NEED to set some massive resolution. 

You'll already have a plan.

You'll already have a community of support

And you can kiss those resolutions goodbye!


Join us for a 7 week virtual Bootcamp (you get 7 cheat/skip days so really 6 weeks) and let’s BEAT THE BULGE this holiday season. Your goals may be different but the call to action remains the same: lose or maintain but don’t gain!

If you are like me and you struggle this time of year when it comes to staying committed to your goals don’t worry, I’ve got you. What I’ve learned over the years is that going to alone is rarely as successful as committing with a group so that’s why I’m inviting you to join us.

Don’t be like so many and “wait for New Years” to roll around to start thinking about your health. Start with some accountability, add some healthy new habits, and get some results BEFORE the ball drops.

With 7 cheat/skip days written into the plan, I promise you can have your cake and eat it too which will leave you feeling satiated AND also successful.

So what do you get?
You’ll get to choose from two different nutritional plans (one is based on portion control and the other on mindset) both of which include 30 educational videos, tracking (digital or printed versions), a year of access to my Solshine Tribe online wellness group (includes 7,000 + hours of workouts) and a ton more!!!

I have created "on the go" calendars if you will be traveling and not have access to handweights. 

I’ll be giving away fun participation prizes too!

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