Diets are completely useless. 

If we do not make nutrition a lifestyle, a habit, we find ourselves on the yo-yo diet train. I know because I've been there. I tried it all. I cleansed, I did Whole 30, carb-free, South Beach, The Zone... you get the picture. I teeter tottered all over the place with my weight. My poor body was utterly confused with all that I threw at it. 

Not until I found portion control and timed nutrition did it all begin to make sense. I eat now for fuel. I do not just eat for pleasure (that is not to say that I still don't enjoy good tasting food, but I have dug deeper into my triggers for emotional eating, my "bad" habits and I have made lifelong changes in how I eat. In this 6-week video-based nutrition program you will learn what you should be eating, what you are overeating, the emotional side behind food, the HOW and the WHY you eat what you eat. You will learn about using the container system for life and how you can share this knowledge with your family. 

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Your eating plan based on your body type, lifestyle and goals. There are 3 paths through the program, Foundational Fix, Timed-Nutrition, and Carb-Cycling, that will help give you the ultimate flexibility with tons of delicious recipes to find lasting nutritional success.

Step-By-Step Instruction

30+ videos will teach you the principles, tricks and strategies for every step of your nutrition journey. You’ll learn how to use the containers, how to plan, prep and food shop, and how the fundamentals of portion control can give you a lifetime of benefits.

Tools to Guide Your Journey

A Workbook and Daily Logbook help set you up to get the most out of this incredible program. Helpful video summaries, daily check-ins, and thought-provoking reflections make sure you’re getting to the core of what drives your eating decisions.

300+ Recipes You’ll Love

Great food is right at your fingertips with the FIXATE® cooking show, FIXATE Vol. 2 Cookbook, and 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids included in this program. You’ll see how you can finally break your sugar addiction and remove processed foods from your routine when you’re making meals with wholesome ingredients.

Results for the Whole Family

Portion control can work for everyone in the house, including kids. Ultimate Portion Fix is designed to let you eat the foods you love, and still succeed. You’ll see how getting the whole family involved in what foods make it to the table can be the smart choice—and the delicious choice.

What You'll Learn

Plan and prep the right sized portions, every time

Make healthy, delicious meals with balanced macronutrients

Help break your sugar addiction with wholesome, healthy ingredients

Find your “why” and harness your real motivation to get ultimate results

Get the whole family healthy and involved in their own nutrition—kids actually love it

Fuel your body for performance when you make exercise a part of your success

Find your community who can help support and encourage your success—groups get results

Simple and Flexible

It’s difficult to stay on-track and also satisfy your sweet tooth. Our super foods shake helps you do both. Meticulously made with the proteins, probiotics, fiber, vitamins, and minerals your body craves, a daily dose of superfoods gives you the nutritional foundation you need to help you reach your goals.*

Ultimate Portion Fix shows you how to incorporate your shake into your routine, as well as Performance supplements if you’re also doing a fitness program to help boost your results.*

If you’re ready to finally take control of your weight loss, we have packs for you at incredible values. All packs include a private invitation to the new 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts shot in real time. All offers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.