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Solshine Tribe Online Community

Well before the pandemic of 2020 hit the world I had taken my fitness, nutrition, and accountability online.

It's like having a dietician, trainer, and community of wellness warriors right in the palm of your hand.

For about $20 a month you get unlimited access to over HUNDREDS of workouts, nutrition plans, daily nutritional supplements, support from me, and the added accountability from our private accountability group the Solshine Tribe.  Over 7,000 hours of workouts with everything from mindfulness and meditation, yoga, Barre, High-Intensity Interval Training,  Weight Lifting, Cross Fit inspired workouts, running programs to take with you on the go, Martial Arts Inspired Cardio, Pilates, and more.

The Basic & Deluxe Start Kits

  • 7,000 hours of programs that you can stream from your device. Personally, I use a laptop and a smart TV most but I've also used my cell phone (vacations or at the park)

  • Each program comes with two nutritional programs that you can customize to fit your needs. One is a mindfulness-based approach and the other is a macro-based portion control approach. Neither are fads or diets!

  • One free bag of our Superfood shake (the same one you see me drinking every day on social media). 

  • Access to my private online accountability community. 

  • You get ALL of this for less than I spend in one Target run so...


The Basic Starter Kit

Valued at over $530 when purchased separately.

Deluxe Starter Kit

Valued at over $650 when purchased separately.


1. I will be reaching out to you within 24 hours of you confirming your order so that we can get you set up and rocking and rolling!! If I don't reach out, PLEASE EMAIL ME because sometimes technology fails! 

2. Your package will be arriving within 5-7 days - but don't worry, the moment you confirm your order you will have immediate access to all of our programs and meal plans so you can get nosey and browse around the website to see if a certain program interests you! But don't worry when I reach out to you we will go over your specific goals and we will find the BEST fit for you!

3. Lastly! You are getting either a FREE bag of the superfood shakes OR a FREE tub of the pre and post workout mixes, depending on which package you decide to go with! Both packages are the same price! You will notice when you go to checkout that the shakes or mixes will be set on auto shipment starting NEXT MONTH - you do not have to order them each month. They can be canceled at anytime and you wont be charged, however I have a strong idea that you are going to love them as much as I do!


Our App is ALL about accountability. To challenge you to stay on track, hold you accountable and stay supported through the journey. There are daily check ins, challenges and prizes here!

What you get

Guaranteed Results 

30 Day 100% money back guarantee

Your Program Comes With:
* a complete digital library of streaming/on demand workouts, yoga, and full fitness programs for all levels
* a private invitation to be in my exclusive online member supported community
* access to me as your personal wellness coach
* exclusive members only access to my ebooks, videos, and recipes
* a supportive and inspiring community 
* a space of daily accountability
* an opportunity to join the team
*a customizable meal plan (customized for plant based/vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, pescetarian, dairy-free, grain-free, etc)
* access to stream workouts to your handheld apple device, apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast