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Summer is here!

Looking for in-person classes?

A personal trainer for your summer?

An at-home nutrition & fitness program to follow?

I've got you covered!

Thank you so much for voting for me again.
I love you, Gunnison!

Best Yoga Teacher 2023!

What I can offer

Are you the type that can prioritize just about everyone and everything else. except you?..

it is time to do something good for YOU and I can help@

Is it time for a Gut Check?

As a newly designated "empty nester," I know I need it!
Join me for a nutrition or fitness program that will allow YOU

to get to know YOUR needs better. 

How I can help:

My desire is to make wellness a habit for all!

I believe living our best life ever begins with maintaining a strong, fit body and a healthy mindset.

For years I attempted to accomplish this purely through the means of a yoga practice and unfocused trips to the gym. As I age, I more fully appreciate and understand the necessity and powerful effects of a consistent daily fitness routine on the human body and our emotional health. That is why I returned to school after 17 years as a Yoga Alliance Approved E-RYT 500 yoga teacher and studio owner and became a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and online wellness coach. I also began teaching women and men how to do what I do as an online wellness coach. I now have an amazing "army" of wellness warriors from the US, Canada, UK, and France who share my vision of empowering as many people as possible with the tools they need to live their best lives.

I have learned what I was missing all of those years of owning my own yoga studio: Partnership and Collaboration. I am happy to say that I have found that as an online wellness coach. 

What I Can Do For You

From my 27 years of experience as a yoga teacher, I have found that most of my students & and benefit from a yogic practice designed for everyday life. Undoing or reversing the damage from years of improper posture, overuse, imbalances in the body, and, of course, the ravages of stress! 


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About six years ago, I found a wonderful way to set you up for success that is both flexible and affordable! We start with a meeting via phone or on ZOOM. I get a clear picture of your goals and struggles and identify an online fitness, nutrition, or mindset program to get you started.

You are added to my online accountability group, where we check in, support one another, and ask questions. Near the completion of your program, we assess your progress and identify the next steps.

Do you love helping others?

Then partnering with BODi may be for you! You will have access to training from myself and other top industry leaders on our team, Our self-paced trainings will cover how to set up your business, suggested daily routine for success, education on how to market & and brand your business, advice on time management, product and program knowledge and much more. 

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