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Dealing with stomach woes?
You are not alone! 

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Unaddressed food sensitivities can mess with your digestion, immune system, energy levels, even your mood! Just ask Super Trainer and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese. Her journey to gut health helped her create The 4 Week Gut Protocol, a comprehensive, step-by-step program that shows you how to sideline the most common foods that can cause digestive troubles, choose foods that help support a healthy gut, and help rebalance your gut microbiome. Autumn worked with Beachbody’s expert team of nutritionists and PhDs to make it easy to follow, so you can finally stop guessing and start feeling like your best, healthiest self. 

Over the course of 4 weeks, she’ll show you how to remove troublesome foods so you can slowly but effectively remove, replace, replenish, and rebalance. She’ll also lead you through a reintroduction phase, where you’ll add foods and ingredients back in. Autumn helps take out all the guesswork, so you can focus on feeling great.

Next Group Begins Monday!

Change Begins on Day 1

Each video in the program is under 10 minutes, so you can jump in right away and get to work. The 4 Week Gut Protocol includes a Food Tracker, weekly FOCUS videos with tips to encourage and educate you on your journey, plus new easy and delicious recipes and grocery lists created specifically for the program. 

Move your body

Included with your enrollment is a 4 week workout series specifically designed to accompany this program. It is called, 4 Weeks for Every Body. The workouts are crafted around exertion, not impact, to help minimize the stress on your joints while still giving you a good workout in under 30 minutes. Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey, or well on your way, you dictate your own intensity, so EVERY BODY can get results. 4 Weeks For Every Body is meant to be paired with The 4 Week Gut Protocol, and can also be done by itself. 


  • 4 Week meal plan based on your personal goals

  • 4 Week (30 minute/4 days a week) Fitness program designed specifically for this Gut Protocol

  • A set of portion containers for our 40:30:30 macros plan

  • Core ball for 4 Weeks for Everybody Fitness Program

  • 4 Week Supply of yummy vegan superfoods to help support digestion

  • Free 30 day trial to new live interactive platform: BODi

  • Access to our accountability community: the Solshine Tribe

  • Quick Start Nutrition Guide

Love your results or your money back!


  • 2B Mindset Digital Nutrition Program

  • Portion Fix Digital Nutrition Program

  • You'll also get my member exclusives and an ongoing membership to our accountability community

  • Coach training & ongoing support

  • Access to my boot camps for a full year

  • Access to the Beachbody library over 8,000 hours of streaming workouts for a full year


  • Preferred customer enrollment is FREE with your sign-up. That means 25% off all your future purchases for life. The monthly cost for preferred customer status is $15.95/month and can be canceled anytime without losing any of your enrollment products & services (aka you still have access for 365 after your date of purchase). If interested in this option please CONTACT ME instead of following the link below. 

  • It is recommended that participants add the supplements below during the 4 Week Gut Protocol. These can be purchased at your local natural food store, grocer, naturopathic office, or online. 

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