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Freebie February

Heart Tattoo

If you are...

  • Wondering what the benefits are from joining an online wellness community like my Solshine Tribe?

  • Still, looking for a nutritional plan that works for your personal needs/preferences/dietary restrictions?

  • Tired of "going it alone" in the gym or at home?

  • Super into free stuff (free workouts, free recipes, etc)


Then I invite you to click on the link below, answer the one question (who invited you to this group) and join me for Freebie February where four of my Solshine Coaches and I will be sharing nutritional information, wellness tips, free home workouts, delicious healthy recipes, self-care suggestions and more for the month of February.


Why? Because we want to "pull back the curtain" and let you see what it is like to be a part of our online wellness community, the Solshine Tribe. Participate, learn, have fun with some home workouts, ask questions and then YOU decide if it would be a good fit for you!


Here are some of the giveaways that participants will have the chance to win during our month-long free group!

Healthy Food

We will be giving you access to many nutritional tips as well as a plethora of delicious recipes that are easy to make and satisfying for the entire family! 

Online Workout

We will be giving you access to some amazing free home workouts that include fitness for families, yoga, cardio, core and more!

Solshine (1).png

Get to know some of the other members of my Solshine Tribe. These four coaches and I will be helping you out with your wellness this February! 

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