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I'm taking it ALL the way back!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I was doing ALL the things... or so I thought.

I was following a free running app and was training to run a 10K. I had hired a personal trainer and was working out regularly at the gym. I bought organic, I cooked lean meat and my family ate a lot of salads. But MY GOALS WERE NOT BEING MET. In fact the opposite was happening. I was GAINING weight and getting injured. My friends told me my weight gain and inability to build lean muscle was because I was over 40. Out of luck, I guess. If I had a dollar for every time a girlfriend would say "oh you just wait. It is all downhill from here", I would have had a pretty fat savings account.

But I found that I couldn't resign myself to the world of mom swimsuits and oversized sweatshirts and besides, I had athletic goals. I wanted to be able to backcountry ski with my husband. I wanted to "hang" with the family for a full day on the mountain. I DID want to run that 10K and enter a triathlon again dang it! And I knew mentally that throwing in the towel and giving up was just not what my psyche needed. I also wanted to be a shining example of health for my kids. But the bottom line was THINGS WERE NOT WORKING and I needed to mix it up and make a change.

So on July 3rd, 2017 I WOKE UP and decided that I'd be MISERABLE if I didn't get pro-active. I decided to reach out to my friend who had invited me a few months back to join her online wellness group... a "virtual Bootcamp". I had been watching her on Instagram and I had definitely been tracking her physical and energetic transformations over the months. She appeared to be perpetually psyched with life and I wanted more of that in my life. So, I signed up and started doing the programs, checking in with the accountability group and doing THE work. Within weeks, A FIRE HAD BEEN RELIT. So, of course, I want to pay this forward to anyone who needs something a little extra. I'm inviting you, right now, to take it ALLLL the way back to the basic program that got it all started for me. I'll be taking everyone through what I consider to be the flagship program that Beachbody has to offer. We will be doing 21 Day Fix Real-Time. I will be doing it right along with you because let's face it, I've got some of my winter coat to work off before I head to the Caribbean next month for spring break! With this program, there will be a beginner/basics option and an intermediate/burn baby burn option. Both options are 21 Days long. Get a major calorie burn, tone your muscles, and lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days with a different 30-minute real-time workout every day. Build on the moves weekly to get total-body results, faster. I will also be throwing in a FREE mindset course I'll be creating myself from over 20 years of experience and results. Every single program and pack is on sale plus there's a freebie. We will use a free app called My Challenge Tracker to stay accountable, share our journeys, log our workouts, nutrition and more. There is no better month to join than this one!

To the left

The top picture was taken on the day that I decided to take charge of the aging process.

Same date but two years later. I feel stronger, leaner, more confident and definitely more joyous.

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