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Root Chakra Workshops

Do you tend to give away too much of yourself?

Does self-care continue to get bumped to the back of your priorities?

Do you struggle with power loss?

In this three-part workshop series, you will reconnect to your roots and the things you render sacred.

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The root cause

Kindness is a commendable quality but also one that is very easily abused. Thus, it is vital that you listen to both your head and heart before stepping forward to say "yes". 

In understanding more about our heart chakra, you will reevaluate your actions regarding self-preservation and self-care. 

This workshop series will take place on three consecutive Fridays in January 2024: January 5, 12, and 19


Early Bird: $99 (up to one month prior to workshop start date) 

Regular price: $130 (regular)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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