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Barre Blend Super Block

Give me three weeks.

I guarantee results or your money back.

I was asked to be a part of the filming of this program and I was nervous.

My winter was "not great" in terms of my health. I felt a little out of sorts with my fitness and my weight so I wasn't sure I wanted to be on camera.

Thankfully, I ditched my self-doubt and said yes to ME.

Why Barre is different

As we get older many of us need to revisit what forms of fitness are best for our aging bodies. Barre Blend is a no-to-low-impact practice.

There are no burpees. There is no jumping (unless you want to).

We use light to medium weights (I never use anything heavier than 8 lbs).

All of the workouts can travel with you.

The program will make you feel more harmonious in your body and in your mind.

Photos from our Barre Blend Super Block Workout at Summit

How to enroll as a customer
(For partner questions, contact me direc
1. Click on the link below & purchase the BODi Essentials Collection
2. Contact me & let me know you enrolled
3. I will add you to our accountability group & you'll have instant access to the Barre Blend Super Block

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