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why online?

I get these questions every so often, here are my personal answers.


Q. Do I still go to the gym?

A. Yes, sometimes.


Q. When at the gym, do I wander around wondering what workout to do or

what machine to use?

A. No, I sure don't. I go in with my laptop or phone & I follow a program.

Q. Do I still work out outside?

A. Absolutely.

Q. Do you still teach yoga?

A. Yes, but I've found that my time is best spent on small group classes and trainings

I take my online workouts WITH me now. They go with me to the gym, to the hotel when I'm there for work, on vacation, to the park, and even on a run. They are my prep work for a day on the mountain or on the trail. Online doesn't mean alone, either. Many of us get together in person or over ZOOM for that extra layer of accountability. 

My second answer to "why online" and, in particular, "why use BODi programs" is also simple: because it works. I've done the brick-and-mortar business already. I've run around town trying to accommodate multiple studios and schedules. Well before the pandemic of 2020 hit the world, I had taken my fitness, nutrition, and accountability online.

If you'd like, get a free trial and try it out for yourself.

You'll see that the programs are complete, researched, and produced with high-quality videography, lighting, and music. It is not some random chick on YouTube filming in her living room; it is professional and backed by sports science. It's like having a dietician, trainer, and community of wellness warriors right in the palm of your hand.

For about $25 a month, you get unlimited access to over HUNDREDS of workouts, nutrition plans, daily nutritional supplements, support from me, and the added accountability from our private accountability group, the Solshine Tribe.  You also can participate in the new live/interactive platform BODi which hosts on-demand classes, monthly and weekly meal plans, spin classes, and so much more. In the BOD library, there are over 7,500 hours of workouts with everything from mindfulness and meditation, yoga, Barre, High-Intensity Interval Training,  Weight Lifting; Cross Fit inspired workouts, running programs to take with you on the go, Martial Arts Inspired Cardio, Pilates, and more.

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