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5 Spring Cleaning (of yourself) Tips

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I'm switching out the area rugs in my house, washing the curtains, and going in deep on the dust! We spend so much time and energy getting our homes and vehicles ready for this new season of action! But what about ourselves? Here are 5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for ourselves!

  1. Start eating lighter in the evenings. Make breakfast and lunch your bigger meals. Opt for lighter fare such as salads, grilled veggies, or even a smoothie at dinner!

  2. Add a probiotic to your routine. About thirty minutes before you eat, drink 8 ounces of water with your probiotic or digestive enzymes.

  3. Get a better night's sleep. If you have a TV in your bedroom, relocate it for the season! Opt for evenings spent reading, going for a walk, or maybe playing cards.

  4. Cool off! During the last 2 minutes of your shower, turn that knob to the left and take the coldest shower you can manage. This is a wonderful practice for your lymphatic system.

  5. Find something new to do. If you feel stuck in a rut, take a language class, sign up for a community theater production, or get crafty!

Happy Spring Cleaning, everyone!

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