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Filming the Barre Blend Super Block

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I wasn't feeling great about myself. After battling health issues for the past eight months, I was heavier than ever (since pregnancy), and my confidence in my body and my ability to trust it had gone down the pooper. I had done some of the super trainer Elise Jones' full 8-week Barre Blend program in the past, and I wasn't a fan. On my first attempt, I felt the pace was too fast for my late 40s body, and the long-held moves were excruciating! I know now that each of our BODi programs is perfect, depending on where you are in life at that moment in time. This is why I am a BODi lifer; there is always something for everyone.

So, I was hesitant when I was invited to participate in the BODcast for the new 3-week-long Barre Blend Super Block. After the third day of filming, my mind had been completely changed (but more importantly, my MINDSET had been changed). I started to feel extremely confident in my body again, and through Elise's encouragement, I intensified the moves not by going faster, lifting heavier weights, or by doing more reps. I intensified by slowing down my movements and moving with more intention. After each workout, my body was sore but in such a good way. I felt stronger and leaner and didn't feel that "run over by a truck" feeling I get from high-intensity/heavy-lifting workouts. At the end of the three weeks and the one "up week" planned after the program, I couldn't WAIT to bring this program to my customers and fellow partners.

About a month after filming, I attended our annual BODi partner conference called "Summit" in San Antonio, Texas. At that event, I had the opportunity to meet Elise and some of the BODcast in person. It is hard to describe just how amazing these three days were. Not only did Elise and I run to each other from across the room and hug for like 5 minutes, but she also asked me to be on stage with her for her group workout. So incredible.

Getting to know Elise and the rest of the cast was the opportunity of a lifetime. All the women and men involved in this production came from different backgrounds and were every age, shape, and color! The youngest was 18, and the oldest was 70! This program is truly for every person out there. Whether straight off the couch or a triathlete, this program will benefit you. You will increase your strength, stability, and mobility. Since we wrapped up filming, I have stayed in contact with fellow cast members and have joined them for their Saturday Sip & Sweat sessions (pictured above), where we chat life (Elise popped on this past Saturday) while we sip our pre-workout, and then we all do a workout together. So incredibly special!

If you made it down here, there must be a whisper of curiosity inside you. Listen to it! Reach out to me today so we can discuss YOUR wellness goals, and let's see if this program (or another) fits you right now. We can also get you started with nutrition-only or mindset-only programs if fitness is not your focus right now. I just celebrated six years as a BODi partner so obviously, I believe in these programs and these people. Experience it for yourself!

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